The Holidays are right around the corner, and we are about to wrap up 2014. I would like to take a moment to Thank You for entrusting us with your furry loved one. I appreciate your confidence in our high quality services. We will continually strive to improve our services and skills, to provide you with the best possible care. Our goal is to help you keep your dog physically and emotionally healthy, happy and in shape so you can enjoy him for many more years to come.

       2014 was an exciting year! We moved to a bigger place with a bigger yard and separate office, allowing us to accommodate our daycare & boarding dogs even better.

     Meet our Team! We welcomed a seasonal team member this year.  Anthony, an avid runner and passionate boxer. He assisted me with our four legged clients whose’ s  parents booked brisk walks and running sessions during the summer. He is great with dogs and very personable.

       Phil, who likes going on hikes, is helping out greatly with our boarding guests. He makes sure to give them some extra TLC and plays with our rougher-playing buddies.

group picture

       Our youngest team member and assistant is Olivia. Olivia has been joining outings since she was 3 weeks old. Now a 2 year old, she is helping greatly with tasks like making sure that the dogs have water, feeding them, gets our sleepovers into their beds, and entertains them. She takes her job as a dog walker for our little ones very seriously.


        Lyza, an almost 10 year old Golden Retriever-Spaniel mix, is UDF’s mascot and team member. She keeps nervous dogs calm, helps show our new additions what is expected of them and keeps the group together during off-leash outings. She is also a great help with being around dogs that are more dog reactive than the average dog, and has been helping to re-socialize them to the pack.


       Unleashed Dog Fitness went on air! We had two video interviews this year which went on television and online. In August, the Union Tribune asked us for a video interview to bring awareness to the ongoing and still increasing problem of dog obesity.


The second video interview (Title: San Diego: Fit Camps for Pups) was with The List, a local TV show on KGTV Channel 10. The List highlights local businesses and combined the interview with a nationwide piece about Boot camps for dogs to keep them fit. You can check out the videos on our website: Video interview with Union Tribune; video segment with The List.


     Who can spot UDF’s fun mobile?! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Unleashed Dog Fitness’s Pick-up Truck in its chic new wrap! You can’t miss it.


I would like to thank you for your positive reviews of our services which I have seen on YELP and on UDF’s Facebook page. Please encourage your family or friends that may be in need of a caretaker for their pets to have them join our fun and adventures outings, or utilize our pet care services.

Fun Facts 

Our youngest UDF workout buddy is 4 month old – Oden, a Mastiff-Lab Mix. Oden loves the beach and enjoys our brisk walks.

Our oldest UDF workout buddy is Sierra, a 12 year old blue-heeler. Despite some Arthritis issues, she is active during our outings at Fiesta Island. She loves to cool off in the ocean on the hotter days by fully immersing into the water and laying in it.

Our farthest client lives in New York. Yup, word about UDF went all the way to the East Coast 😉 She enlisted UDFs help to keep her sons pup’ fit (who lives in SD).

Our tiniest dog is Minnie, a Chihuahua; our tallest is Maxwell, a very high-energy and active Vizsla. Both of them love to romp around at Fiesta Island end enjoy their slumber parties with UDF.

King of the Mountain: This title goes well deserved to our Vizslas Argos and his younger brother, Rye. These two are joining regularly our 3+ hour hikes up in Poway.

Biggest Loser: The Biggest Loser award goes to Bambino, a 9 year old Chihuahua. Bambino has come a long way. When I first met him (in 2010); he weight about 15 lbs. By switching his food and with consistent exercise, he has lost 3 lbs (which is quite a bit for a little guy)! With his excess weight gone, his energy level and stamina went up. This little guy loves our Morley field and Balboa Park trail walks.

All of us from Unleashed Dog Fitness are wishing you and your loved ones well. May you have enjoyable Holidays and a successful New Year.  

Best Wishes For 2015!



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