Urban trails San Diego: Maple Canyon (Hillcrest)

Hiking or trail walking is a great and fun outdoor activity for you and your dog. With an almost perfect weather year around, San Diego and San Diego County is ideal for this kind of exercise. If you don’t mind driving an hour and plus, endless hiking trails seem to be just waiting for you to get explored. It seems to be the right thing to do on a weekend – but what if you want to go on a trail after work for an hour, to release your stress of the day and enjoy some one-on-one time with your dog without having to drive too far?

My hiking buddy "Lyza"

In this part of the series “Urban trails in San Diego,” I would like to introduce one of my favorite house hiking routes; an urban trail hike through Maple Canyon and crossing the beautiful suspension footbridge on Spruce Street.

I usually start right from my house door and add a little neighborhood walk beforehand.

The roughly 4 mile urban hike goes through not-often-seen natural areas of our city. It is partially shaded, though I recommend to walk it on less hot or sunny days. Type: ¼ concrete walkways, ¼ asphalt road, ¼ sloping dirt trails, ¼ steep dirt trails. Difficulty level: Medium

Start point: Sutter & Goldfinch (You can also start directly on West Maple Street.)
Follow Sutter and make a left onto “Jackdaw Street,” another left onto “West Walnut Ave.” “W. Walnut Ave” turns into “Goldfinch,” instead of following the turn, go straight onto a short trail. Follow the trail and stay to the right. The trail turns into a street which leads onto “Reynard Way.”

Make a left onto Eagle Street, and a right onto Dove Street. Make a left onto W. Maple Street.

Here starts the Maple Canyon.

 Follow the trail, which becomes very narrow and turns into a steep uphill. Climb up the stairs and follow the trail up to the street “Third Ave”.
You will see a long, white bridge crossing over the canyon on your left hand side. 
Bridge crossing Maple Canyon

Bridge crossing Maple Canyon


Ginsberg, the Dachshund/Spaniel Mix, isn't really trusting this bridge!

View from the white bridge over Maple Canyon

 Take “Quince” until you see “First Ave.” Turn right and make another left on “Spruce Street”.

Cross the bridge (especially beautiful during sunrise or sunset time,) and continue on “Spruce Street”.

Suspension Bridge on Bruce Street


View from the suspension bridge to the right...


...and to the left


Ginsberg didn't like the bridge too much.

After going downhill, make a right on “Dove” (it looks like the street is ending.) From there you can hit a small single trail again and end up on “Curlew Street”.

*To go back to “Sutter” & “Goldfinch”, make a left and turn right onto “Reynard Way.” “Reynard Way” is a long uphill, so better save some energy for the last climb!

*Note: If you make a right turn on “Curlew Street,” you will end up in Hillcrest, one parallel street next to “University Ave.” “Curlew Street” is a very long and steep uphill.  

“Happy Hiking!”

…Which one is your favorite trail? If you have a description of the trail and maybe even some pictures, please send them to Unleashed Dog Fitness and I will post them. 

Pictures of hikes can also be found on UDF’s Facebook page.

Author: Vanessa Barrera, Unleashed Dog Fitness San Diego
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