UDF goes on-air: U-T San Diego Video about Dog Obesity

Last month, Unleashed Dog Fitness received a call from Raquel Martin with U-T San Diego. Martin inquired about the obesity trend for dogs in the US, what dog-owners can do about it, and also wanted to know if UDF would be interested in doing a short video segment about it


Of course we did! It is in our interest do raise as much awareness as possible about this current issue which more and more dog owner face.


When we started Unleashed Dog Fitness (2010), 45 % of American Dogs were overweight or even suffered obesity. *This years study showed an alarming increase of 7.2 %, pushing it to a whopping 52.6%!


Check out the video on youtube (and never mind some bilingual faux-pas please ūüėČ )

*Studies are held through Pet Obesity Prevention


Want to find out more about what you can do about pet obesity? See here if your dog is overweight, possible reasons and how UDF can help you and your dog!

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