Traveling during the Holidays and in need of a pet care service?

Thanks Giving is around the corner, so are other Holidays. Are you planning on traveling , but can’t take your dog? With our professional pet care service, you don’t need to worry anymore what to do with your pup’ while you are traveling, if for business or pleasure.

Unleashed Dog Fitness will take excellent care of him /her at your place and in his/her familiar surroundings.

While you are gone, we will take your dog for hikes, field trips, runs or brisk walks, give him potty breaks, check on him and provide him with fresh water and food.

We will keep you updated with a daily report via e-mail, or if you don’t have e-mail access, receive a text message.

Call or e-mail us to set up an appointment. We will take this opportunity to get to know your dog beforehand, talk about your expectations and dogs needs and work out a schedule that works best for your dog.

Make sure to reserve a spot early, space is limited!

Call at 619.581.3807 or send an e-mail.

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