Tour De Dog – Fitness Programs

This is an initial consultation to introduce myself to you and your pet(s). We take this opportunity to learn about you and your expectations of us. It is also important that your pet becomes familiar with us before our first day out. During this consultation, your dog will be evaluated to determine his or her fitness level.

A regular walk in your neighborhood for the dog that needs to sniff some fresh air, is in need of a potty break, or for smaller dogs and senior dogs, who don’t have the ability anymore to go on a brisk walk. This service is also great for obese dogs that need to get accustomed to exercise. The service starts of with a relief walk and progresses to a non-stop oriented walk.
Each additional dog in the same household (walked at the same time) $3.00. Prices for our private service (your dog with other dogs from other households) are based on the length of service. Discount for using this service 4 x a week and more, Mo-Fr, may apply. Exclusive sessions available.

20 minutes:                           $ 18.00
30 minutes:                           $ 22.00
45 minutes:                           $ 27.00

All listed times are actual walk times! Replenishing water, crating, TLC etc. is an additional, free of charge, service. Time starts when leaving the house with your dog and ends when coming back.

Cardio sessions are perfect for younger and adult dogs with lots of excess energy, for the dog who needs to lose a few pounds, or smaller dogs and senior dogs who want to walk at a brisk pace. Your dog will be picked up and a custom fitness program tailored to fit his or her needs.
This service begins with a relief walk and progresses to a Brisk Walk, Jog, Run, Bike Ride or Rollerblade Tour and will evolve with your pet’s progress.
Each additional dog in the same household (run at the same time,) is a flat fee of $10.00.

Visits / week (M-F only) 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
5 $23 $28 $36
4 $24 $29 $38
3 $25 $30 $40
1 – 2 $29 $35 $45

New! – 20 minute runs – $20.00 ($18.00 if 3 x or more / per week)

Prices for our private service (your dog with another dog from another household) are based on the number of visits per week and the length of service. Prices listed are per session. Exclusive sessions (your dog only) available, please ask for price.

$30.00 A dog can get exercised in different ways. During this 60 minute session, your dog will have a combined workout of physical and mental training, which also benefits its emotional well-being. We start off with a brisk walk/slow paced run, leading into groundwork, agility and flexibility exercises.

Let your pooch meet up with other dogs from the block at the local dog park to exchange latest dog-news, chase his favorite toy and take in some fresh air.

45 minute outing – $25.00
60 minute outing – $30.00
90 minute outing – $35.00

San Diego has lots of spectacular, beautiful trails and off-leash areas that only wait to get explored by your dog! We offer trips to local trails like Morley field or a nearby Canyon, urban hikes like Balboa Park with its many shady trails and difficulty levels, Marian Bear or Tecolote (just to name a few,) and some more challenging hikes like Cowles Mountain, Mt San Miguel or Mission Gorge trails. Last, but not least, our daily group outings to Fiesta Island and other dog beaches allows some fun exploring, socializing and splashing in the water while being off-leash.

$30.00: Want your dog get used on running next to a bicycle? At this 45 minute outing at Fiesta Island, your dog will get accustomed to run alongside a bike while blowing off steam.


Give your dog a special treat! This Fiesta Island Field Trip is a guarantee for a calm and sleepy dog after coming back home. While at Fiesta, your dog will explore the Island, socialize and play with other dogs, and get plenty of exercise.

Different packages available, please ask for details:
*starting at $28.00. 60, 80 or 100 minute walks at Fiesta Island available.

Each additional dog in the same household, same owner (taken at the same time): $10.00 discount per additional dog
Need your dog to be clean when he/she comes back home? Please ask about our dog-bath service. Exclusive trips available.

Beach and Fiesta Island outings are group outings unless otherwise requested. To ensure that all dogs are kept under control and are safe, we keep our groups small.  Groups are between 4 and 6 dogs per handler, and grouped with dogs that fit well together.

Dog park outings include up to 3 dogs per handler at a time.

 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN – Hiking & Trail walks
$30.00: A 1 hour urban trail /nature walk. Great for mind stimulation and a change of surrounding to the regular, every-day walks around the block.

$35.00: A 1 1/2 hour urban trail /nature walk. Great for mind stimulation and all kinds of dogs, whether little or big, young or old, to build up their stamina and power! Level of difficulty will evolve with dog’s progress.

$45.00: This is a 2 hour nature outing including a brisk hike at a local trail. Level of difficulty will evolve with dog’s progress.

$65.00: Extended hike. A half day trip which includes a 3 hr hike on mountain trails for dogs with a high energy level and for those who would like to extend their stamina and power. Level of difficulty will evolve with dogs progress.

Special monthly & package deals for adventure packs available! Neighborhood & senior discounts available.

Do you have any questions? Contact UDF today, we will respond promptly, answer all your questions, and schedule an initial consultation that includes a fitness evaluation of your dog.

Buddy-system: know someone in your neighborhood who wants to have their dog worked out and fits well together with yours? *Share the session and pay up to $10.00 less!
*Offer valid for walking, brisk walk and running sessions only.

Refer a friend: We appreciate our clients praise very much and would like to pay it forward. Once your friend signs up for a monthly package, you can choose between a complimentary, 20 minute, walk, or $15.00 off your next adventure service.