It’s a Dog’s World: San Diego’s Little Italy

San Diego Happy Dogs is exploring San Diego and its many dog-friendly places. In this edition, they checked out our lovely neighborhood in Little Italy!

If you’re like me and prefer to take your best furry friend with you wherever you go, follow along as my dog Astra and I explore San Diego’s neighborhoods.

On a recent Saturday, we set out for Little Italy, near Downtown and not far from the airport. A blend of residential and commercial, Little Italy is best known for its many restaurants and shops. Strolling the neighborhood is a wonderful way to spend a day, with great food, shopping, dog-friendly parks, and a view of the waterfront. It’s a bit hilly, so you get a work out, too!

We began our tour at Tazza D’Oro on India Street. I grabbed a cup of coffee for me and a free dog treat for Astra. We sat outside where many dog lovers, with and without dogs, stopped and chatted with us. Other dogs socialized at Sogno DeVino next door.

Making Friends at Sogno DeVino

Making Friends at Sogno DeVino

Read here more about their tour and dog friendly, local restaurants and businesses.

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