Have you seen me?

update: Monte has been seen in Linda Vista near Comstock/Kelly at apartment complexes last Friday (he appeared uninjured and peed on tires). Since then, 3 more people saw him as recent as 2 days ago! Unfortunately, he ran away from those who wanted to catch him 🙁 Please keep your eyes open and approach him calmly. We are excited about these news and hopeful!

Lost dog – please help!

Please call/text if you have seen our dog!!!

Last seen: Thursday, 01/29/2015, around 2:00 pm
Location: After crossing the bridge from PB leading towards Sports Arena, he went onto the bike path towards 8 East.
Breed: Schnauzer/poodle mix, pepper spray grey, small to medium sized. About 15lbs, male
Name: Monte


Contact info:
> 858.245.7091
> 858.245.7090 (Maria Elena)

If you see him, please call/text.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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