Stanley’s Dad:
“Vanessa is wonderful with the dogs that she works with.  I have used Unleashed Dog Fitness for four months now.  I have signed up for various levels of service ranging from a 30 minute walks to 2 hour hikes to long term vacation care.  I can’t say enough good things about how Vanessa has worked with my dog-9-year old terrier who is a lot work in terms of him often being afraid of being outside or leaving your side at an off-leash dog park.  She has made great progress with him being more comfortable running around at the park without feeling the need to stand next to me.  Also, she does a great job at exercising him because she will run with him (at an appropriate level) during the 30 minute walks.  Finally, I just recently went on vacation for 2 weeks and had Vanessa take care of my dog the whole time.  It was great having 100% peace of mind knowing that he was being well cared for and happy while I was gone.  So if you are looking for a dog walker, there is no better choice than Unleashed Dog Fitness!”
Kevin S., San Diego

Galens Mom:
“Having Vanessa come out to my home and run with Galen, my Greyhound, has been a wonderful experience for my dog and myself. I feel good knowing that he is getting the exercise he wants, and he just loves when Vanessa comes over. She is reliable and conscientious, really getting to know your dog and his/her special needs. What a great service!”
Ruth W., Chula Vista

Roxie’s Mom:
“I heard of Unleashed at the San Diego Humane Society Dog Walk at Crowns Point.  Was very impressed with what Vanessa had to offer for my yellow lab, Roxie.  We all hit it off from the first time we met.  Roxie could use losing a few pounds and I already see a difference in Roxie’s weight.  Vanessa is great!  She cares about the dogs and gives them all her undivided attention.  Roxie took to Vanessa and Lyza right away.  We just absolutely love them.”
Ivette R., San Diego

Ginsbergs Mom:
“We found Unleashed through a google search and UDF stood out and then upon meeting Vanessa right after contacting her we knew she provided an excellent service and truly loves what she does! We have been using UDF for several months now and love her…most importantly, our energetic little dachshund/spaniel mix LOVES her. He gets great exercise on each outing and we see the results in his stamina and behavior. We also get pictures and updates of their outings and can see our dog smiling and getting along with the other dogs. Vanessa has proven to be an excellent dog-sitter/walker/runner whom we trust wholeheartedly with our pup. She is informed, energetic, easy to reach by phone and email, and always responsive. Our dog comes home happy and worked out and that has made the demands on our schedule all the more workable. I highly recommend Unleashed Dog Fitness!”
Jenna & Ginsberg, San Diego

Pfeiffer’s Mom:
“We have been using Vanessa for about 6 months now. She is the absolute best! We tried a few different services before Unleashed Dog Fitness. We have a 1 year old Akita/Sheppard Pup and before we had Vanessa he was quite a handful. Whenever Pfeiffer (our dog) has been on an outing with Vanessa he is tired, happy, and content when we get home from work (definitely a good thing!) She has helped with not only the regular outings but has given us extremely helpful advice in training tips, feeding guidlelines, etc. Vanessa really loves dogs and cares a lot about the dogs she takes care of. She is super responsive and always gives us a recap of each outing. We have also used Unleashed Dog Fitness for pet sitting when we go out of town, I never worry when we leave Pfeiffer with Vanessa. If you are looking for someone to take care of your dog whether it be weekly outings or pet sitting I highly recommend Unleashed Dog Fitness. It’s so much more than just your regular dog walking service, Pfeiffer has been on jogs, many Fiesta Island trips (which he loves), and Vanessa even takes him on hikes! 5 stars definitely deserved!”
Naomi C., San Diego, CA

Lincoln’s and Sophie’s Mom:
I have been using Vanessa for over three weeks now and have loved the attention she gives my two large dogs.  She came over for the initial visit with less than 24 hours notice after my dog walker decided to move out of the area with no notice.  Vanessa always leaves great notes, sends photos, and adjusts the services to the needs of my dogs.  My dogs are not overweight, but the exercise is necessary to keep them happy, healthy, and manageable in my little San Diego apartment (we moved from a big house with a big fenced yard in the Midwest).  One of my dogs is a senior and the other a young adult with a lot of energy; she makes sure they are both worked at their own level.

Vanessa visits my dogs daily.  I have had her do regular walks, brisk walks, and dog park visits.  Once the young one is off leash trained, we will do hiking and Fiesta Island trips.  We also used Vanessa when we needed to make a day trip to LA to visit friends that were in town – she came and did several visits during the day.  Vanessa always re-fills water and food … for us, she opens the windows (we have birds that cannot take the cold morning air).

I highly recommend Vanessa for her ability to adjust her services on your dogs needs. Natalie V., San Diego

Tukker’s, Sidney’s & Domino’s Mom:   
“When I met Vanessa for the first time with my 3,dogs, they connected with each other rather quickly. I knew then that she would be able to help me with walking/training & exercising…Vanessa is very professional and observant of what your dogs needs are.
I highly recommend you give her a call and see if its a good fit for you both; I believe you won’t be disappointed. Thanks so much Vanessa!!!!!!!” Denise H., San Diego, CA

Bailey’s Mom:
“Oh my goodness. My dog is a super energetic 4 yr old brittany spaniel and despite all of my efforts there is just not enough time in the day to exercise her the way she would like.  Vanessa took my dog to Fiesta Island for a few hours and they had a blast!!! I have never…and I mean never have seen Bailey so tired.  She just slept on her bed the entire afternoon, evening and even until the next morning. This is absolutely been a life saver.  Thank you Vanessa you are the best! By the way,  Bailey loves you too”
Nicole Cropper, San Diego, CA

Mom of multiple pets:
“I have 5 dogs, 4 birds, and Koi fish.  Needless to say we love animals and take good care of them. We rarely go anywhere simply because it is very difficult to find someone that can handle all the different critters.  After all these years I have found Vanessa and a renewed interest in getting away.  I felt pretty confident after speaking with her and having her visit the animals. I was worried more for her than my one bird, Coconut, an Umbrella Cockatoo.  He has a reputation for playing games that end up with my grown sons standing on a chair yelling for my help.  So I had visions of trouble!  As it is with birds, confidence rules and obviously Vanessa displayed the confidence to manage him.  Her easy manner had them all in her lap or somewhere close by.  Vanessa takes charge and handles everything responsibly, of her own doing, and with lots of love.   A big thank you to Vanessa. Relieved and grateful,”  Sharon Emerson, San Diego, CA

Dixies Mom:
I have a high maintenance rescue Pitbull who is full of energy, and a lot to handle! She has horrible allergies, and because of her extreme skin condition it is so hard to find someone to help me with Dixie when I want to go out of town.  I usually leave her with *** from ***, who is amazing, but this holiday season she was completely booked.  I had seen Vanessa’s card around the South Park area and so decided to give her a call.  I am so pleased with the help she gave me over my 3 week vacation!!

Vanessa gave me a great deal for 3 weeks of hikes/running/and fiesta island outings.  Vanessa came and took my dog on outings every day for 3 weeks, and apart from looking fantastic (slimmer, skin looking great), Dixie is walking better for me now (less pulling), and she has been able to be socialized with dogs her own size (her partner in crime is a Chihuahua).  Vanessa emailed me throughout my trip, sent me pictures, and even sent me a Youtube video once I was home.  It was really special to be able to see how well my dog was doing, as well as getting detailed emails about what was going on with her while I was away.  I will definitely be using Vanessa regularly to take my dog for outings and runs, as well as always keep her in mind for house/pet sitting should I ever need to leave my dogs.
Rachel G., San Diego, CA

Casey’s Mom:
“Vanessa did a great job with our little moody Chihuahua/Shi-Tzu mix!  It was Casey’s first time being alone since the death of our Greyhound Polly so we are quite apprehensive about just anyone pet sitting for her while we were out of town.  Vanessa kept in touch with me daily to ease my worry about my “baby”!  Vanessa also sent me pictures of Casey.  We will definitely hire Vanessa again to pet sit our dog as she was in very capable trustworthy hands!  Thanks so much Vanessa!” Kim B., San Diego, CA

Lucy’s Mom:
“Thanks for being involved with so many events in the dog community. You Rock! and Lucy Loves you too! This is what she looks like after a run with Vanessa!” Angela Bratrud, San Diego, CA

Miguels Mom:
“Miguel just had a fitness session with Vanessa, the dog fitness coach!! It was awesome- I definetely recommend!” Olga Cortes, San Diego, CA

Trevor’s Mom:
We have a problem beagle with issues when on a leash. Vanessa would walk him with me tagging along behind. He would respond much more favorably with her guidance than when I would walk him. He loved it when she would come over and would greet her with great happiness. We will certainly use Vanessa in the future both for training and pet sitting.  Linda L., San Diego, CA

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