Multiple Pet Owner

Barkley, Pepper, Zoe, Rita, Minnie, Mr. Coconut, George, Scoopy


“I have 5 dogs, 4 birds, and Koi fish. Needless to say we love animals and take good care of them. We rarely go anywhere simply because it is very difficult to find someone that can handle all the different critters. After all these years I have found Vanessa and a renewed interest in getting away. I felt pretty confident after speaking with her and having her visit the animals. I was worried more for her than my one bird, Coconut, an Umbrella Cockatoo. He has a reputation for playing games that end up with my grown sons standing on a chair yelling for my help. So I had visions of trouble! As it is with birds, confidence rules and obviously Vanessa displayed the confidence to manage him. Her easy manner had them all in her lap or somewhere close by. Vanessa takes charge and handles everything responsibly, of her own doing, and with lots of love. A big thank you to Vanessa. Relieved and grateful,” Sharon Emerson, San Diego, CA, client since 2010

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