Bambino, Dixies brother


Dixies Mom:
“I have a high maintenance rescue Pitbull who is full of energy, and a lot to handle! She has horrible allergies, and because of her extreme skin condition it is so hard to find someone to help me with Dixie when I want to go out of town. I usually leave her with *** from ***, who is amazing, but this holiday season she was completely booked. I had seen Vanessa’s card around the South Park area and so decided to give her a call. I am so pleased with the help she gave me over my 3 week vacation!!

Vanessa gave me a great deal for 3 weeks of hikes/running/and fiesta island outings. Vanessa came and took my dog on outings every day for 3 weeks, and apart from looking fantastic (slimmer, skin looking great), Dixie is walking better for me now (less pulling), and she has been able to be socialized with dogs her own size (her partner in crime is a Chihuahua). Vanessa emailed me throughout my trip, sent me pictures, and even sent me a Youtube video once I was home. It was really special to be able to see how well my dog was doing, as well as getting detailed emails about what was going on with her while I was away. I will definitely be using Vanessa regularly to take my dog for outings and runs, as well as always keep her in mind for house/pet sitting should I ever need to leave my dogs.”
Rachel G., San Diego, CA, client since 2010

Review update:
Vanessa deserves much more than 5 stars. She has helped me SO MUCH in the last 5+ years with my two dogs, both of who can be challenging at times. She has an energy that calms my dogs like no one else, very dog whisperer-like! She is always responsive when I am away to let me know that my dogs are ok, and when I come home after the dogs have been with Vanessa they are always exhausted and happy! Vanessa is a wonderful addition to any dog owners team, and I don’t know what I would do without her!!!!!

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