I get real busy in my day even though I work from home, and I need help getting my 2 dogs, a 3 year-old Olde English Bulldog and 2 year-old Rat Terrier, the right amount of exercise every day. My quick solution is Vanessa at Unleashed Dog Fitness!

We’ve all heard the phrase “a tired dog is a good dog,” but most of the time my dogs aren’t tired after a walk because they haven’t been walked far enough. Vanessa has the best solutions for this, especially for my terrier. He needs at least two 30-minute walks, a park outing to run solely after his ball and then social time with other dogs…every single day! To help me with the extra amount of exercise they need, Vanessa offers me Fiesta Island and beach outings, as well as trail hikes and park outings. My terrier loves all 4, but my bully can skip the hike. He gets lazy.

I’m lucky to have run in to her on one of my walks 3 years ago, because now I can rest easier. My dogs are exhausted when they get home, and that’s good, right? RIGHT!

You can rest assure with Vanessa’s mild manner and loving ways she will take care of your furry friend as if it were her own. I can attest to that because she also offers pet boarding and I’ve used it before. She is attentive and thoughtful to send me daily pictures reassuring me they are alive and well. Also, her husband and daughter have the best relationship with my dogs. He always shares sweet stories of their times watching TV together so I know they are treated as part of their family when they stay over.

My dogs are happy and therefore I am happy! Thank you Vanessa, you’ve made life so much easier for me!
Christine L., San Diego CA client since 2011

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