Doggies on the Deck: Barktoberfest – Meet Jen with Fetchlight!

In our series Doggies on the Deck: Barktoberfest, we would like to introduce you to our participating vendors and gift donators!

So far, we have met Erin with Woof! Dog Training. Today, we are putting the spotlight onto Jen with Fetchlight!

Jen is an entrepreneur who started her business in 2011. She specializes in pet lifestyle photography, and turns it into art for your home.

Bio: Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography Name: Jen Bergren Name of her dog: Tawny From: Illinois, by way of NYC. (Tawny is from Aussie & Others Rescue San Diego.) In business since: 2011 (Launched Nov. 2012)

Bio: Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography
Name: Jen Bergren
Name of her dog: Tawny
From: Illinois, by way of NYC. (Tawny is from Aussie & Others Rescue San Diego.)
In business since: 2011 (Launched Nov. 2012)

Hi Jen, how are you?
Good, thank you! Looking forward to Barktoberfest! 😉

Please tell as a little about your business! How did you get started?
I was taking photography classes at UCSD while working as an advertising designer at Petco’s corporate office in San Diego, when those two interests combined and I started photographing pets for Petco. I took a three full day pet photography workshop during that time as well, which I thought would be all about photographing pets, but it mainly taught about starting and running a business, something I hadn’t even thought of before that class. So a few months later I took the plunge and left the corporate world to have time to start Fetchlight, and time to adopt a dog as well. Starting a pet photography business before having a pet of my own is pretty unique! Finding and adopting my dog Tawny came soon after leaving the full-time job to start my own business.

Where can we find you?
You can look me up online and go to my website, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also view art on the walls at many locations around town (including Landinis!)

Oh yes, Cecco and Lando! You captured them quite beautifully. So, how does that work? Do you have a set location?
Even better…I come to you! For the custom photo sessions, after you contact me and express interest in a photo session, I come to your home for a one-hour consultation to meet you, meet your dogs, and they can meet me and get more comfortable around me before the session day (and many more things are accomplished during this meeting!) Two custom locations are included with these photo sessions and I help you pick the best ones for you, your dogs, and best background places to match your home decor style. I don’t shoot in a studio because San Diego has so many beautiful and varied locations, decent weather outside all year long for any outdoor locations, I love exploring new areas to find new locations for photo sessions, and I enjoy using the colors in the background of the photos on location to make more colorful artwork for you!


What is the best way to book an appointment with you?
Email me and I’ll send you a catalog with lots of information, and we can set up a consultation appointment if you think my business is the right fit for your needs.

What do you like most about working with dogs?
Dogs (and cats) are both fun and challenging to photograph, because most of the time I’m not really expecting them to follow direction like the way you might direct humans to pose or act in a photograph. I like the challenge of having the think on my feet and adapt to whatever the pets want to do, with a bit of direction in the form of squeakers, treats, and other motivators (which sometimes don’t help…then I get to be really creative!) I also think pets make for more interesting and modern wall art than traditional photos of humans, and having a piece of art on your wall that make you happy every day when you see it is the goal of my sessions. And for my rescue volunteer work, I like being able to use my skills to help find adoptable dogs and cats new homes, it is very heart-warming to know I can help!


Any funny stories that happened during a shoot and you would like to share with us
There are probably funny stories from every photo session, but it’s hard for me to think of one in particular, right this second! I do usually try to tell a bit of a story about the pet, and anything fun that happened during their session, on the blog.

Thanks for your time, Jen!

Come to Doggies on the Deck to join us for our Barktoberfest, and enter the raffle for two chances to win a $50 gift certificate towards a Fetchlight photo session or wall art!


By the way, Jen is having her 2nd business anniversary this November at the next Doggies on the Deck! Please join her for a little celebration.


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