Does my dog need exercise?

 Why is it important to keep my dog healthy and fit?
Every pound of excess weight takes away life expectancy from your furry friend and can cause serious health issues. No matter if you have a young or old, little or big dog, they all need exercise to be healthy; physically as well as emotionally.

 My dog isn’t overweight. Do I still need to get him/her exercised?
Some dog breeds naturally don’t put much weight on. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are fit and don’t need to get exercised. Most dogs are ok with laying around and chilling, if there is not much else to do, but that isn’t something they are meant to do. Besides of running into health issues if not being exercised regularly, they become easily bored and can start pesky behaviors like barking, chewing and whining, and become stressed; anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues may develop.

 What does “exercising a dog” mean?
Taking your dog twice a day for 20 – 30 minutes at a leisurely pace (*based on observations of people walking with their dogs, the average pace is twenty-two minutes per mile. That is a slow stroll with frequent pauses to allow your dog to smell an interesting object or mark territory) is great and important, but doesn’t count as exercise. Get your dogs heart-rate pumping!

UDF achieves this by briskly walking, jogging, running, hiking, biking or roller blading with the dog, or taking them on field trips. Since each dog has a different fitness level, we offer individualized fitness programs. Got an adventures or high energy dog? Ask about our FIELD TRIPS and HIKES!

*From the book “Dr. Ernie Ward: Chow Hounds

See here a list of breeds that need daily exercise.


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