Meet our UDF Pack Leaders

UDF Pack Leader
& Pet Sitter


“Hi there my name is Destany. I’m from near Yosemite National Park but graduated from San Diego State University. I love taking the pups out to Fiesta Island because it is such a big and fun place to run around, and the dogs just love it! I also really enjoy taking individual dogs out for neighborhood walks and to visit their favorite dog parks. Have a great one, and see you soon!”


Anthony UDF dog runner & Assistant Pack Leader

UDF dog runner & Assistant Pack Leader

Hi, my name is Anthony. I’m born and raised in San Diego. I have a great passion for exercise, in particular running and boxing. I have been part of the Unleashed Dog Fitness team since 2012. I love all dogs, whether small or big, and what better way to stay fit while accompanied by a four-legged workout buddy?!


Grayson UDF Pack Leader

UDF Pack Leader

Hi there, I am Grayson. I have been around dogs since I was born. I grew up in Texas where my grandfather had some property in the countryside and he always had golden retrievers as the family ranch dogs. When I turned 10, he bred his golden retriever and gave me one of the pups. I took care of that dog from the time it was 2 months old until I left Texas to go to college at UCSD. It instilled in me a deep connection with dogs and appreciation for their ability to be so well connected with humans while still being wild animals. I had several other dogs while I was growing up and I loved to watch how they interacted as a pack. They are naturally group animals and watching the interactions of the pack brought out a deep appreciation for nature within me. I am always happy to be around dogs and a true dog lover. I am really excited to work at Unleashed Dog Fitness, because I get to spend my day being with the creatures I love.





Hi, I’m Lyza! I am a Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix. I had a bit of a rough start the first 9 month after being born (I went through 3 different owners before finally meeting my Mom,) but ever since I feel like the happiest pup on the planet.



UDF Mascot

UDF Mascot


I’m born and raised in sunny San Diego, lived for a year in Germany and since we came back, I’m UDF’s mascot, assist my human pack leader, help rehabilitating dog aggressive dogs, as well as help nervous dogs to calm down.



UDF Assistant Pack Leader


I’m currently 13 years old, but if my grey hair wouldn’t give it away, you would have never guessed! Looking forward to help integrate your dog into our pack. Woof ~ Lyza





Oh hello! I’m Annie, a native San Diegon gal. I’m a recent addition to the UDF Team. I have lot’s of energy, and love romping and playing with my pals. I am of very friendly nature, and can take it on with every type of dog. Whether big or small, usually not so playful or very playful, I get them all to play and run with me. Come on out and let’s have a pawty! ~ Annie


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