About Unleashed Dog Fitness

Our mission at Unleashed Dog Fitness is to provide urban dogs with daily exercise to keep them healthy, balanced and happy.

Unleashed Dog Fitness provides a customized designed fitness program for your dog’s specific needs, which evolves with your dogs progress.

45 to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise a day keeps most urban dogs in great physical shape, helps maintain a healthy weight and keeps them emotional balanced.

UDF’s fitness program includes brisk walks, jogging, running, hiking, and biking that progress at a pace specific to each dog’s needs. Besides of our 30 – 60 minute workout sessions, we offer extended field trips and hikes to build up stamina and endurance, and are great for dogs with lots of energy.


In addition to the obvious benefits of physical health and weight control, UDF’s Daily Fitness Programs and Day Boot Camps have also proved to help curb behavioral issues, and are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Although we specialize in fitness, Unleashed Dog Fitness offers a complete solution for your dog care needs. Don’t worry about your best friend while you are out of town, our Vacation and Travel Care Service is a great way to keep your pet happy and safe in either it’s familiar surroundings or while it stays with us!

Unleashed Dog Fitness is:

 licensed in the City of San Diego

 fully insured & bonded

 using PetCloud

 Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid

 Member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

 Wir sprechen auch  Deutsch!

*Why addressing canine obesity is important
1. You want your dog to live a long life.
2. You want your dog to be healthy and active.
3. You want your dog to be pain-free and happy.
4. You want your dog to live a life without medications.
5. You want to save money on your pet’s vet bill.

*From the book “Chow Hounds” by Dr. Ernie Ward

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